Monthly Archives: November 2019

Purpose Beyond Ourselves – 2019/20 Episode 2

Our podcast is an interview-based, thought provoking show tackling controversial topics –  bringing new, under-researched viewpoints on current events, and exploring different political philosophies not conventionally taught in the classroom.  Our goal is to share philosophies and worldviews that are often inaccessible to high school students who have not yet done deep analysis on politics, philosophy, or activism. Today’s guest: Emiliana Guereca. (Hosts: Jessa Glassman & Joanna Im)

Middle Ground – 2019/20 Episode 3

Focused on American politics and the 2020 Election, we hope to foment civic, rigorous discussion while promoting diversity of thought between the three ideologically different on-air hosts. By engaging in honest discourse, we can effectively challenge students and build their unique and diverse voices. Today: Immigration. (Hosts: Benjamin Davidoff, Henry Scharff, Fedor Kirilenko)