Monthly Archives: October 2021

genHERations – AFSA President Ernest Logan – 2021/22 Ep. 1

Lots of issues are not taught in school (race and gender); the older generation can share experiences of hard-earned lessons. The younger generation faces a disruptive time where information comes fast and furious; it’s important to articulate the real issues we face. My 80 year old grandmother and I will explore issues of race and gender and the intersection of race and gender from the first-hand experiences and perspectives of two different generations. Together we can learn from each other, share with each other to shine a light on both the challenges and possible solutions. Today: AFSA President Ernest Logan. (Hosts: Ally White ’22 & Patricia Bransford)

The Green Room – Julia Boorstin – 2021/22 Ep. 1

Maxine Zuriff interviews guests from a range of professional vocations who explain their personal career path and work experience. This podcast provides insight into their working life, responsibilities, and knowledge someone interested in entering their industry might need to know. Today: CNBC Senior Media & Entertainment Correspondent, HW Alum & former Chronicle Staff member Julian Boorstin.